Jamtech Racing – Stepping Stones Christmas Party 2014

Jamtech Racing entered W2W 2013 as a two man team. The proverbial bug had bitten and infected another 4 crazy ...

New and replacement lighting design layouts

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    I once had an my financial advisor say “Ignore compound interest at your own peril

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    It is every-ones responsibility to develop ecologically sound energy efficiency.

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    Jamtech Projects is a registered Eskom ESCO

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    A short description

Welcome to Jamtech Projects

As a level 1 BBBEE registered Eskom Energy Services Company (ESCo.), we at Jamtech Projects pride ourselves on retaining 100% customer satisfaction in acquiring financial rebates towards their energy efficient solutions. It’s with this level of professionalism that our organisation was nominated and awarded the Eskom Standard Product of the year for the Western Cape region.

About us

Established in 2006, we at Jamtech Projects work hand in hand with our clients to create sustainable, measurable solutions that are customised to suit each organisation's long term needs


Accredited and Certified Eskom ESCo
Energy Project management
Outsourced Project Management
Energy Project management

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